NCL Escape dress code

When it comes to cruise wear, the expectations for Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Escape are a bit higher. Even though you may be on vacation, there are certain types of clothing that are frowned upon. To help you prepare for your cruise, this article will explain all the details of the NCL Escape dress code.

What is the Dress Code for NCL Escape?

NCL Escape has a dress code that is slightly stricter than other cruise lines. During the day, casual clothing is allowed, including shorts, t-shirts, and jeans. Footwear should be comfortable and appropriate for your daily itinerary.

At night, the dress code changes slightly. NCL Escape requests that guests wear trendy clothing and resort-style dress wear. While this means no shorts, guests are not required to wear suits and tuxedos. Shirts with collars, slacks, and closed-toe shoes are still acceptable.

Shorts are allowed in the evenings if they are a part of a more casual ensemble, such as a Hawaiian shirt and sandals. However, the shorts should be tailored and of a respectable length.

What are the Rules for the Specialty Restaurants?

When dining in one of the NCL Escape’s specialty restaurants, the dress code is more relaxed. You can wear jeans and polo or collared shirts. Shorts are also allowed if they are of a respectable length. 

What Should I Pack for a Norwegian Cruise Line Escape?

Packing for your NCL Escape cruise should be fun and easy. When planning your outfits, be sure to bring a variety of dressy and casual clothes.

In terms of casual wear, look for comfortable and durable items like shorts, jeans, t-shirts, and sandals. Depending on the duration of your cruise, consider bringing swim wear and outdoor apparel, such as lightweight jackets or sun hats. 

If you plan on eating at the specialty restaurants, make sure to pack items like polo shirts, dressy sandals, and sun dresses. Slacks and collared shirts are also acceptable for men.


Q: Is the dress code mandatory on NCL Escape?

A: All guests should abide by the established dress code. However, if you are uncomfortable with the clothing guidelines, speak with the ship’s management or customer service team to arrange a suitable compromise.

Q: Can I wear a hat at dinner?

A: Hats are not allowed in the dining areas on NCL Escape. Guests should remove hats and caps when entering the dining areas. 

Q: Is denim allowed in the restaurants?

A: Denim is allowed in the specialty restaurants on NCL Escape. However, it should not be overly distressed or torn. 

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