Moonstone: One Of The Best Crystals For Beginners

Moonstone: Stone Of Motherhood

  • Dreamy and romantic, opalescent Moonstone aids in grounding and finding direction.
  • Often linked to the divine feminine and new beginnings. 
  • Believed to harness the moon’s energy. 
  • Bring calmness, balance, and intuition to its wearer. 


Moonstone is made of sodium potassium aluminum silicate and has a very pearly opalescent look. It commonly comes in colors white and grey. However, you can even find other colored Moonstone crystals for beginners, like pink, blue, brown, and more. 

As the name suggests, it is often used to balance female hormones. Besides, it is great for relieving stress, heightening your intuition, and soothing your emotions.


Types Of Moonstone 

Here are some of the beautiful varieties of the unique Moonstone – 


  • White Moonstone
    White Moonstone

Captures hope and promise of the new moon.

Magnifies emotions without compromising balance. 


  • Rainbow Moonstone
    Rainbow Moonstone

Rich in Goddess energy. 

Prism of light and psychic protection – a cosmic connector. 


  • Peach Or Yellow Moonstone
    Peach Or Yellow Moonstone

Lights up the dark with its gorgeous glow.

Washes away fears and anxieties.


  • Blue Or Cat’s Eye Moonstone
    Blue Or Cat’s Eye Moonstone

Bright balancer of energy and welcomes the flow of yin and yan.

All about letting go and sitting in a state of awareness.


  • Gray Moonstone
    Gray Moonstone

Mystic kind of Moonstone.
Pulls back the veil, letting you peer beyond the periphery.


Moonstone Healing Properties

The healing powers of Moonstone, one of the best-known crystals for beginners, spread across spiritual and physical aspects. 

Let’s have a look at the ways this stone brings balance to your life:


Physical Properties (Stone Of Goddess Energy)

  • Helps with PMS and hormonal balance
  • Assists with fertility issues
  • Ease all kinds of physical discomforts associated with pregnancy and childbirth


Mental & Emotional Properties (Stone Of New Beginnings)

  • Comfort in times of change
  • Encourages harmony and balance
  • Keeps all the wild hormones in check 


Metaphysical Properties (Stone Of Glimmering Midnight Ocean)

  • Instils us with a sense of wonder and calm.
  • Connects to the heart chakra, third eye and the crown chakras
  • Deepens psychic capabilities


How To Use Moonstone?

  • Wear it or keep it with you to balance and enhance your energy
  • Use it during meditation to get guidance from the Universe.
  • Keep it beside your bed or under the pillow to enhance your dream and improve your intuition. 
  • Place it on the bedside table to improve fertility and reduce pregnancy pain or symptoms.
  • Another way Moonstone crystal healing for beginners works is after putting it in a spray bottle. It cleanses the energy around you and within your body.


How To Cleanse The Moonstone?

Moonstone works best only when it is regularly cleansed from the negative vibes and fully charged and activated with positivity.

Here is how you can quickly cleanse your Moonstone – 

  • Simply run it underwater 
  • Then, leave it on the windowsill or in the view of a full moon – allowing it to soak up all those positive rays. 

Thus, using the combination of water and moonlight is best to get a positively charged and cleansed Moonstone. 


Stones That Work Well With Moonstone


Amethyst and Moonstone

  • Bring harmony and transformation
  • Heal intuitively and spiritually


Moonstone and Rose Quartz

  • Create a supportive, heart-centered environment.
  • Enhance emotional healing and promote self-love and compassion. 


Obsidian and Moonstone

  • Balances grounding and intuitive energies
  • Foster a tuned interplay between the practical and the spiritual development.


Clear Quartz and Moonstone

  • Boost intuition, psychic abilities, and spirituality. 
  • Improve emotional awareness, healing, and intuition power. 


Sunstone and Moonstone

  • Foster emotional healing, confidence, and well-being. 
  • Encourage people to embrace feelings, heal emotional traumas, and shine as themselves.


Bottom Line 

If you are looking for crystal healing for beginners, then choosing Moonstone healing would be great. However, if you are unsure which healing crystal would suit you and requirements, you must opt for free energy healing classes. Get guidance and the best outcomes with regular body and energy cleansing with crystals. 

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