8th And I Evening Parade Dress CodeMarines with Marine Barracks Washington, march during pass in review at a Friday Evening Parade here July 22, 2011.


The 8th and I Evening Parade is a long-standing military tradition. It is designed to honor those who have served and continue to serve our country. This event has been held since 1953 and is open to both military service members and the general public. As such, there are certain standards of dress that everyone attending the parade must abide by.

Dress Code Requirements

The 8th and I Evening Parade has strict dress code requirements for both active-duty military personnel and civilians. The dress code for civilians includes the following: dress uniforms for men, dress trousers and blouse for women, dress hats for both genders, and no jeans or shorts.

For Active Duty personnel, the dress code consists of the following: dress uniform, dress hat, and a dress sword (for officers only). All service members must display their uniform in an appropriate manner. They must also maintain a clean and neat appearance. Additionally, all footwear should be cleaned and shined for the parade.

Related Examples

Many people have questions about what is acceptable attire for the 8th and I Evening Parade. Here are a few examples of clothing options that follow the guidelines:

For men: a navy blue suit, a white crisp shirt, a matching tie, and dress shoes.

For women: a light colored blouse and skirt, dress slacks, dress shoes, and a hat or veil.

For officers, a dress uniform and hat, a dress sword, and dress shoes.


Q: Can I wear jeans to the 8th and I Evening Parade?

A: No, jeans and shorts are not allowed at this event. All attendees must dress according to the dress code guidelines stated above.

Q: Does my uniform have to be in perfect condition?

A: Yes, all uniforms must be clean and free of any wrinkles or tears. Additionally, all footwear should be cleaned and shined before the parade.

Q: Are there any restrictions on hats or headgear?

A: Yes, all civilian hats should match the uniforms being worn. Visors, caps and other unauthorized headgear are not allowed.


The 8th and I Evening Parade is a long-standing military tradition and requires all attendees to adhere to a strict dress code. All active-duty personnel must wear a dress uniform and hat, and all civilians must dress in appropriate attire that follows the dress code guidelines. All uniformed personnel must have a neat and clean appearance and all footwear should be cleaned and shined.

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