Terrace Gardening - Everything You Need To Know

A terrace garden is located on the terrace of the topmost floor of a building. The crowding of cities has left no space for gardens. Climate change and rising pollution levels make the situation worse. The absence of greenery has also added to the exhausting city life. If you also want to start a terrace garden, visit Urvann, the online plant nursery in India, today to find the best collection of healthy plants to bring lots of greenery home. Urban dwellers have been resorting to terrace gardens or rooftop gardening to overcome space constraints and create green space. Terraces receive adequate sunlight, so plants grow well.

Benefits Of Having a Terrace Garden

If you wish to start a rooftop garden, you need to make a few preparations. Think about how you wish to lay out your garden and plan how you want to keep your plants.

  • Building a terrace garden helps keep your home cool, which is excellent for people in tropical areas. All the plants growing on your terrace will create a micro-environment and lower the place’s temperature.
  • Building a garden at your home will help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. The plants that you grow will improve air quality. 
  • Having your terrace garden gives you access to nature 24*7. As they say, “Nature is man’s best friend”. It keeps you disconnected from all the stress and chaos of the world. Having your terrace garden means always having access to your peaceful corner.
  • Gardening is always a great exercise. Your effort to maintain your garden will help you stay fit and active. Taking care of your plants, watering them, and other activities will keep you physically active and away from your boring everyday exercise routines.

Starting a Rooftop Garden

  • SOIL

Healthy soil leads to healthy plants! Properly nourished soil is the key to growing proper plants. Create your potting mixture by mixing soil with organic compost, such as vermicompost or cow dung compost. The ideal soil for your terrace garden should be neither compact nor light but balanced in texture. Buy potting mixes from Urvann, the online plant nursery, for the best quality gardening products.


Analyse the hours of sunlight your balcony receives and the areas that get the maximum sunlight. Pick your plants and place them in the spots that receive ample sunlight. If your balcony is shady, you can choose plants that thrive in less sunlight. Notice the hours of indirect sunlight coming to your balcony and select your plants accordingly. This will help you maintain a thriving garden. 


Watering your plants in the morning is a great way to hydrate them and support photosynthesis. The soil in rooftop gardens is shallow and dries up quickly, so watering your plants daily will keep them hydrated and healthy. In the scorching summer heat, you can also bathe your plants by spraying water in the evening after the sun has set so your plants can get a pleasant respite from the day’s heat. 


No matter how well you care for your plants, pests will return to feast on them. Natural pesticides can keep your plants safe and bugs at bay. Use neem oil spray as a precautionary measure every 10-15 days. If the infestation has gotten more prominent, it is best to prune the affected portion or use an insecticide to eliminate the bugs.


Terrace gardening is a rewarding and productive hobby with numerous benefits. It allows you to grow your own food, beautify your living space, add pops of colour with flowering plants, and contribute positively to the environment. With careful planning and regular maintenance, you can transform your terrace into a vibrant, green nature retreat. Head to Urvann for online plant shopping and get your plants for free next-day delivery.

Start small, be patient, and enjoy watching your garden flourish. 

Happy gardening!


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