Health Benefits of Tulsi Plants & their Medicinal Uses

We have been around the Tulsi plant since childhood. It is one of the first plants we learned to recognize, not in class, but because it is one of the most common plants found in many Indian households. Our parents have worshipped and offered prayers to the sacred Tulsi plant, and when we were down with some illness, it was the first medicine that was given to us, in the form of tea or just chewing on the Tulsi leaf. You can also buy the Tulsi plant online at Urvann and take advantage of the many benefits of this versatile plant. 


The Tulsi plant is known for its excellent immunity-boosting properties. It is said to have abundant antioxidants and nutrients that strengthen our bodies from within. You must have seen your grandparents or your parents often chewing on a Tulsi leaf or drinking water boiled with the Tulsi leaf. All these activities are a precautionary measure and very useful for our overall health. 


The Tulsi plant has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to cure minor wounds and reducing inflammation. For centuries, the paste made from Tulsi leaves has been used to treat bacterial and fungal infections. Some skin infections, such as ringworm or insect bites, can be treated using fresh Tulsi leaves from your home garden. The leaves contain anti-analgesic properties, which help to reduce swelling and pain. Isn’t it a wonder herb, then? 


The wonder herb, the Holy Tulsi plant, is known to purify the blood, reflecting in the skin’s glow and suppleness. The plant’s properties are said to flush out toxins and help cleanse the bloodstream. 


Daily consumption of Tulsi leaves or water will improve your gut health and ultimately help your body release toxins, leading to natural weight loss. The plant also strengthens the body’s metabolism rate, which helps burn more fat. You can buy Tulsi plant from our website and get the gift of health. 


The Tulsi plant is excellent for dental health. Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems in the world, but the good news is that Tulsi has antimicrobial properties that help fight the bacteria and germs in the mouth.


  • The Tulsi plant is a great detox agent that can help people with kidney stones. However, it is crucial to understand that the body needs time and consistent consumption to get the tulsi leaves to work. 
  • The Tulsi plant is a rich source of Vitamin K, an essential fat-soluble vitamin vital to improving bone and heart health. 
  • Many studies have concluded that consuming Tulsi leaves also has anti-aging effects on the body.


Indian mythology and many ancient disciplines of medicine, such as Ayurveda, have attached great significance to the Tulsi plant, recognizing it as a holy herb and an excellent source of antioxidants and many other medicinal properties. It is the first herb that is recommended when it comes to first aid. So, now that you have all the reasons to buy Tulsi plant online, what are you waiting for?

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